The Skokie Community Foundation is dedicated to supporting the broad interests of residents of the Village of Skokie through the awarding of grants.

Since 2015 the Skokie Community Foundation has awarded grants totaling $125,000 in grants to 35 organizations working together in pairs or groups, on projects to benefit Skokie and its citizens. SCF grants have supported a wide variety of causes and issues including children, families, the arts, education, social services, mental health, immigrants, race relations and the elderly. No matter the substantive area addressed, each grant is exclusively focused on improving life in Skokie.

A great example of a current grant is the work being done by Orchard Village and the Talking Farm. With the SCF grant, the Talking Farm staff teach the Orchard Village residents how to garden and grow vegetables. A dietician helps the residents plan menus using the garden produce. The gardening has been so successful that the vegetables not consumed on site are then taken to the Skokie Farmers Market where staff work with residents in selling the food. Any remaining produce is then donated to the Niles Food Pantry. Thus, the SCF grant allows talented staff and residents to do some wonderful work, develop important life skills, and touch many lives in Skokie.

The Foundation funds these grants through an endowment. The larger the endowment, the more interest it generates and the more the Foundation can do for Skokie.  Our goal is to grow the Foundation’s endowment into a substantial community resource that will benefit Skokie now and one hundred years from now.

This year, the Foundation has been offered a match grant for its 2018 annual appeal. Every dollar donated to the Foundation through December 31, 2018 will be matched by an anonymous donor. That means your dollar goes twice as far to support the betterment of life for our neighbors and Skokie benefits from a 100% return on your investment in its future.

Your gift to the Skokie Community Foundation is 100% tax deductible. If you have contributed in the past: Thank you very much! Please contribute this year. Your contribution will be doubled and our community will benefit.

You can make a donation online today by clicking here


Gene Griffin
Board Chair