On Monday, November 27, the Skokie Community Foundation, for the fourth year, awarded a total of $25,000 to local nonprofit organizations that co-applied for grants to serve Skokie residents and enhance the community.

“We had quite a few to choose from this year,” said Executive Director, P. Scott Holtz. “these proposals demonstrate important and creative ways to serve Skokie residents.”

Our new foundation board members, Carolyn Anthony, Mary Jaminski, Barry Itzkowitz, Mary Laura Jones, Helene Levine, David Putrus and Joy Schaefer together with existing members Maria Franks, Gene Griffin, Howard Meyer, Jim Szczepaniak and Zachary Williams diligently reviewing all of the applications. The end result is a group of projects that will offer significant support to Skokie both now and beyond the grant cycle.”

The Fund awarded grants to the following five co-applicants for use in 2018:

Orchard Village and The Talking Farm
“Growing Healthy” project

SASI Senior Connections and the Village of Skokie
“Senior Connections” project

Skokie Cares Partners
SEED Training

Skokie Coalition to End Abuse and Neglect of Adults with Disabilities
Program to prevent abuse and neglect of adults with disabilities

Turning Point and the Skokie Public Library
Teens with behavioral, social and emotional issues programming