On October 19, 2021, SCF hosted its second annual healthcare symposium for the community entitled COVID-19: Where We Are.  This online event offered information and resources for dealing with the pandemic, vaccines, and booster shots.

Zach Williams, Mayor George Van Dusen , Jim Szczepaniak
SCF Board Chair Zach Williams introduced Skokie Mayor George Van Dusen.  SCF Executive Director Jim Szczepaniak moderated the event.

The two hour program began with a welcome from Mayor George VanDusen. Jeffrey Greenspan, of the North Suburban Healthcare Foundation dedicated the Symposium to Beverly Kroll, the former chair of NSHF.   Two plenary speakers followed:

Amaal Tokars

Amaal Tokars, EdD, Assistant Director, Illinois Department of Public Health spoke about COVID, vaccines & booster shots in Illinois.

Claudia Braden, RN, Village of Skokie, spoke about Skokie infection rates, vaccination rates, and other local issues.

The second half of the event offered attendees the opportunity to hear from two panels of experts, one focusing on healthcare and the other on public resources.

Healthcare Providers Panel

Karelle Webb

Erie Family Health Center: Karelle Webb, RN, MPH

Anna Fogel

Heartland health Centers: Anna Fogel, MD

Martina Cortez

Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center: Marina Cortez, MS, LCPC

Christine Berry

Zacharias Sexual Abse Center: Christine Berry, LPC, NCC

Public Resources Panel

Bonnie Kahn

Niles Township / Food Pantry: Bonnie Kahn Ognisanti, Niles Township Government Supervisor

Jasemen Hatcher

Open Communities Fair Housing: Jasemen Hatcher, Director of Housing, Counseling & Education

Iris Barrios

Skokie Human Services: Iris Barrios, Social Worker

Jenn Davis

Skokie Schools: Jenn Davis, Skokie Public Health Nurse (liaison to all Skokie schools)

Click below to watch the 2021 symposium.

Symposium planners also compiled a wealth of information and resources which you can access here:

COVID-19 Public Resource Document

The 2021 Skokie Healthcare Symposium was presented by Skokie Community Foundation in partnership with Chicago Lighthouse, Erie Family Health Center, Heartland Health Centers, North Suburban Healthcare Foundation, Skokie Public Library, Turning Point Behavioral Health Care, Village of Skokie, and Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center.