Skokie Community Foundation (SCF) is proud to announce our 2023 grant recipients!

SCF received 14 grant proposals during our acceptance period. This year marked a record number of new applicants. Our Board of Directors reviewed the proposals and selected the following partners to receive grants:

Connections for the Homeless & Village of Skokie will receive a $15,000 grant to continue the success of their program in providing flexible funding to prevent Skokie families from spiraling into homelessness. Thank you to First Bank Chicago for sponsoring $5,000 of this grant.

Early Childhood Alliance & Niles Township District for Special Education will receive a $10,000 grant to support the identification of behavioral and learning challenges for children in daycare and preschool. This program will provide initial consultations by social workers and mental health professionals with those children’s families and teaching staff. 

“We had a lengthy and robust discussion about how to distribute our 2023 grant funds to do the greatest amount of good for the largest number of people,” said David Donegan, Chair of SCF’s Grants Committee. “In the end, we agreed to award the funds to two projects that fill some of the biggest unmet needs in Skokie. The first is providing flexible funding to keep people in their homes. The second is a new and innovative effort between pre-kindergarten providers and our public schools to identify young children with behavioral and learning challenges very early and suggest specific interventions that will set those children up for success.”

Thank you to all who submitted applications and congratulations to our 2023 grant recipients!