Skokie Community Foundation (SCF) is incredibly grateful to the Village of Skokie employees, who raised some $18,000 for SCF through its charity campaign to benefit the community in 2023. A record 55 employees contributed, some through automatic payroll deductions and others through a one-time end-of-year donation. 

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, employees of Skokie Village Hall, Skokie Public Works, Skokie Police Department and Skokie Fire Department were invited to a kick-off luncheon at Skokie Fire Station 17 on Central Park Avenue, complete with games and a raffle. Village of Skokie employees and elected officials came together again on Wednesday, November 2 for a chili cook-off at the Skokie Police Department headquarters to raise funds and awareness about SCF. 

“We are so grateful to the Village of Skokie employees for pitching in to support the foundation,” said SCF Chair Zach Williams. “All of their contributions will go directly to improve the quality of life in Skokie through our annual grants program, which funds projects that directly benefit unmet needs in our community.”