The Skokie 4th of July Parade Committee included Skokie Community Foundation in this year’s “Community Spotlight” portion of the parade. SCF is honored to be the first organization recognized in the “Community Spotlight.” Several members of the SCF Board of Directors and other SCF supporters marched behind the banner which acknowledged SCF’s commitment to raising funds to address the financial effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on Skokie residents as well as the over $400,000 in grant funds that have been awarded since 2015.

Skokie Community Foundation also recruited volunteers to help staff the event. The Skokie 4th of July Parade committee donated $1000 to SCF’s endowment, as well.

Skokie Community Foundation thanks Skokie’s 4th of July Parade committee for giving SCF the spotlight for the 2023 parade as well as the generous donation.