In response to the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Skokie Community Foundation in partnership with the Village of Skokie launched the Skokie Spirit Shines Through Campaign to help our Skokie neighbors in need.

The unprecedented shutdown of public services and private businesses put a strain on many Skokie families and disproportionately impacted our most economically vulnerable residents. SCF collected donations from March through July 2020 to assist Skokie residents who, due to the unique circumstances of the pandemic such as illness, self-quarantine, or service shutdowns, were unable to leave their home, had extraordinary expenses, lost employment income or suffered other hardships.

SCF gave the funds raised by this effort to the Village of Skokie’s Office of Human Services which distributed the money to Skokie residents. The Foundation covered all the administrative expenses of the campaign so every dollar raised went to a neighbor in need.

Skokie spirit shines through

Although the Skokie Spirit Shines Through campaign has ended, you can still help Skokie residents by donating to the Skokie Community Foundation. Our 2021 grant cycle will award grants to non-profits that are addressing a variety of community needs that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can safely donate from the comfort of your home and without any transaction fees by clicking here:

You can also mail your check made out to the Skokie Community Foundation.

The Skokie Community Foundation
8022 Lincoln Avenue
Skokie, Illinois 60077

If you don’t have a PayPal account and would like to donate using a credit card, contact us at or 224-935-5950.  We will get back to you soon to take your credit card information.

The Skokie Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations to this campaign are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Your donations made a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors! These are expressions of gratitude from Skokie residents for assistance received from the Village and funds raised by the Skokie Spirit Shines Through Campaign.

“Thank you so much for forwarding me the resources and thank you for being so helpful.”

“I am very thankful for what you did for me.”

“Thank you so much, you’ve been heaven sent!”

“Thank you for making this difficult time easier with your kind manner and suggestions for further help. Thank you to the people who helped make this assistance possible. May you stay healthy and safe.”

“We are so thankful for the donations, for you and for the help. God Bless You.”

Thank You to Our Generous Donors

NorthShore University HealthSystem

Skokie Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Alen Takhsh, Una McGeough, Tom Klonoski, Gene Griffin, Richard Witry, Alan Martin, Judy Hoffman, Michael Kelley

James Paskind, Eileen Wiviott, Barry Temkin, Bob Quane, Mary Cobb, Hazel Manalo, Larry Goldstein, Thomas Thompson

John Terzis, Susan Phillips, Tracy Lande, Gary Zuckerman, Suzanne Margolis, Pam Williams, Jillian Johnson

Ann Addis Pantoga, Evan Lindsay, Paul Kozlowski, Marina Micari, Ross Mathee, Lisa Beckers, Jonathan and Robin Lavin, Cindy Whittaker

Karen Sherman, Joanie McKinney, Cathy Silvern, Jane Balaban, Mary Kelly, Thomas Selnick, Brianna Pizarek, Amy Elizer

Jerome Schenwar, Joanne Bigwood, Carolyn Anthony, Barbara Muceus, Randy Roberts, Ann Tennes, Karen Gray-Keeler

John Majal, Leslie Murphy, Wendy Jackson, Nighat Seema, Laura Callahan Hazard, Rajitha Chowdavarapu, Lindsey Mayer, Hans Seaberg

Frances Benbow, Amanda Holman, Norene Scanlan, Deborah Shefren, Wendy Fraerman, Thomas Giller, William MacLean, Ross Rutherford

Harold and Aileen Primack, Al Rigoni, Dave Kolber, Janice Sackett, Jed and Anne Bassett Family, Kimeri Swanson Beck, Glen Roter, David McWhinnie

Ross Rutherford, William MacLean, Janet Rosenberg, Heather O’Donnell, Gregory Etter, Marcia Pradzinski, Catherine Janes, Arla Unwin

John Haben, Abelardo Bulaclac, Lynn Seinfeld, Cindy and Steve Franklin, Maral Poladian, Jaime Stasiorowski, Linda Elarde, Denyse Wang

Alan Herbach, Mark Fine, Susan Garcia, Kathryn Ryan, Debra Shawver, Charles Levine, Michele Zygman, Edward McCarthy

Amanda O’Brien, Maria Franks, Amanda Willson, Maggie Price, Margo J, Jeanette and Thomas Hedstrom, Patrick and Mary Lou Voitik, Skevanston Neighbors

Friends of Emerson and Kildare Neighborhood Group

Darius and Lynn Zakeri, Michael Nameche and Dena Lichterman, Jeff and Penny Farkas, Gene Jennings and Family, Dorothy and Don Yim, Michele and Aahron Zygman, Mark Stein and Alisa Cohn-Stein, Marcia and Pat Quigley

Friends of Emerson and Kildare Neighborhood Group

Rose and Arthur Heredia, Sohail and Christina Salahuddin, Dawn and Eitan Weiner-Kaplow, Sue and Scott Weingart, Sue Hagedorn, Carrie, Rodas, Susan Giffen, Jennifer Chang, Alex and Karen Logsdon

Carmel Callobre, Douglas Thompson, Marcia Buell, Margaret Clauson, Jim and Jane Szczepaniak, Jessika Newman, Natalie Ceprnich, Susan Weingart

Kiwanis Club of Skokie Valley, Dorothea and Jerome Lattyak, Matthew and Mariamma Karottu, Linda and Abe Kahan, Gloria Fields

Jeffrey and Penny Farkas, Ann McGarrigle, Constance Catellani, Lauretta Berg, Timothy and Ann Burke, Maria and Rosalio Bueno, Robyn Huemmer

Jane Stenson School Teachers and Staff, Atanu Das, Michael Kelley, Alicia Cohen, Nia Tavoularis, Fred and Judy Feinstein, Tom and Susan Carlton

Rochelle Adler, Alan and Daisy Ferguson, Michael and Jean Alexander, Barbara Meyer, Richard Evonitz, Susan Mitchell, Sabrina Ehmke, Haril Parikh

Howard and Lisa Sachs, The Tennes Family, Jill Feldman, Angeles Carandang, Erin Sanders, Mary Senn, Eileen Hogan Heineman

Harriet Jacobs and John Domke, Julie Platt, Maureen Thurman, Eileen Coulombe, Arlene Doncumbe, Thomas Giller, Dorothy Shaffer

Michael Perry, Lisa Kudon, Michael Girgis, Barbara Haben, Elizabeth and Timothy Dugan